Hey all!  

I know you have noticed that the comic pages have stopped coming.  That has been for a good reason.  Or maybe a not so good reason; it really depends on how you look at it.  I am redoing Carbon. I got some suggestions from Tapastic that it was moving too slow and the brown ink lines were drawing away from the comic itself.  That being said, I decided to start over and start on a good foot.

What does that mean?

We are starting from the beginning.  Things will be changed drastically.  I will only be uploading one panel per page. It will read like a storyboard. This will also open up a way for me to add animations in there when I feel like it. Some character designs have changed as well.   Overall, I think this is a good change. I know you might be a little sad that there is not a upload, but this will make my uploads more consistent and hopefully, we can get through the story faster. It’s a good story and I stand by that.  I want to continue this as it’s my passion project.


When will the new site be up?

The end of April.  So look for a new update.

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