The Comic
Carbon, at its core, is a story about being a princess. Beyond that, it is something more. It’s a story about finding oneself and finding your true purpose in life. Is your story written out for you? Or will you write your own story?

Carbon has been a brain child of mine for quite awhile and I have finally gone about getting it on paper and showing it to everyone.

The Artist
I am a 35-year-old working mother and wife.
I went to school to be an artist. Had to take another job to pay the bills and now I’m trying to get my footing back into the arts.
I have an autobiographical webcomic about being married, called Casually Kayla. It has been online since 2009. It went on hiatus about a year ago, when I got the news that I was pregnant. That was really shocking. I am trying to get it started back up as well.
I’m a tomboy by nature.
I love all things blue.
My true dream is to work on comics full time.

When does Carbon update?

Right now, Carbon updates once a month on  Thursday.  I hate to do it, but with my full-time day job and a baby, this is the best schedule, I could work out. Until things get more stable or I have support to do comics full time, this will have to be how it is.  Luckily, the one month update will be anywhere from 2-6 pages.  If you would like to support me and this comic, feel free to become a Patreon or buy me a cup of coffee.

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